In India the number of Online Businesses is growing rapidly.

According to the Hindu Business Line, the total number of online shoppers is estimated to grow 3.5 times to touch 175 million by 2020.

Many, who want to start their Own Online Business in India don’t know the required license to have after registration of online business.

This article will help you in getting information about the important license required for starting Online business in India.

It is important to understand that you cannot take license before company registration.

First necessary step for starting out Online business in India is to register your company.

This ultimate guide of company registration for online business will surely help you out.

Important License For Online Business In India

By obtaining the license you are officially eligible of running the business.

For example, if I have a drug license I am eligible for running my pharma company.

The number of licenses depends on the type of online business you want to start in India.

After registration of your company you can following license depending on your type of business.

Food License:

Before starting any kind of online food business in India, it is mandatory to have FSSAI Registration.

FSSAI refers to Food Safety and Standard Authority of India. It is a government body whose aim is to protect public health under the supervision of food safety measures.

FSSAI Registration is divided into 3 types:

  • Basic FSSAI License

The Basic FSSAI License is needed by food business such as Retailers, Wholesellers, transporters whose estimated turnover is less than 12 Lakh can appy for the Basic FSSAI License.

  • State FSSAI License

The State FSSAI License is needed by those food businesses who want to do business within a state only and who annual turnover is more than 12 Lakh.

  • Central FSSAI License

The Central FSSAI License is needed by large food businesses who wants to do business in another state also and those annual turnover is more than 20 crores. Central License is usually issued by the Large Restaurants who wants to expand the business.

Documents Required for FSSAI Registration

  • Passport Size Photo
  • Identification proof (Aadhar Card/Pan card/Voter ID/Driving License)
  • Business Name, Type, and Address.
  • Documents Delivery Address with zip code.
  • Business Name
  • Business Address with pin code
  • Business Type
  • Food Category

Whether you are selling home made food items or selling any kind of health related products then obtaining food license is mandatory.

How To Apply for Food License

You can apply for FSSAI Registration on FSSAI website.

Get FSSAI Registration with the help of our experts at the reasonable price.

Professional Tax Registration

Professional Tax Registration has to be taken by the business owners to deduct the some amount from the salaries of the employees and pay that appropiate amount to government.

If you are hiring employees for your business, then Professional Tax registration has to be taken.

Failing which it can lead you the penalty of Rs 5 per day in case of delay in getting Registration Certificate.

Documents Required for Professional Tax Registration

  • Photographs of Directors
  • PAN card of business & all directors
  • Cancelled Cheque
  • Shop Establishment Certificate
  • Business address proof

Shop Establishment Act / Gumusta License:

Shop Establishment Act / Gumusta license are the same things.

Shop Establishment Act / Gumusta License takes care of working conditions of workers. This includes the leaves, payments, work hours, holidays etc.

This license is mandatory for the business who have employees more than 10 this varies from state to state.

In Mumbai you can obtain license here.

In case of Maharashtra, if you have 0 – 9 employees then you need to submit Intimation form to Mahanagar Palika.

Drug License

Drug License is required if you are dealing with medicines / drugs related products.

For example if you are business is related to selling medicines online then in this case drug license is required.

Other Registration Required for Online Businesses

These registration doesn’t comes under licenses but are mandatory registration which are required for starting out online business in India.

GST Registration

If you are starting online business in India which deals with selling goods outside the state then GST Registration is must.

GST Registration is mandatory for those businesses whose turnover crosses 20 Lakhs.

If your online business is an eCommerce then it is mandatory to take GST Registration even if your turnover is less 20 Lakhs.

If you do GST Registration on this GST Website or we are there to help you.

Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration is required if you want to protect your business name, logo, identity from infringement which is necessary for establishing your brand.

Process for Trademark Registration:

  • Check if the name you are going to take is taken or not both online and offline way.
  • Once you are sure, create trademark application.
  • Once application is filed, is examined by the Indian Trade Marks Office.
  • If objections is raised, then issue will be reported.
  • If no objections is raised, then trademark certificate will be issued.

The Trademark registration process requires all steps to be followed properly otherwise it takes long time to get trademark certificate.

It is advisable to take the guidance of experts who can help you in filing in an effective way and on time.


Starting out the online business legally is not difficult, the only thing required is proper steps to be followed. First step is company registration and then obtaining important license for your online business in India.

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I am Professional CA with experience of more than 10+ years. My aim is to help startups and companies to help in various financial needs which is needed to expand the business.

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Subrato Mukherjee

I am Professional CA with experience of more than 10+ years. My aim is to help startups and companies to help in various financial needs which is needed to expand the business.