Why G Suite For Small Business?

Initially when I started my business and as my business started growing, I started hiring employees.

Now, In order to communicate with my staff and with my business communications I was using my Free Personal Gmail Account which looked something like this subratomukerjee@gmail.com and I noticed my staff were using different email IDs slowly, became chaotic to coordinate with them.

And another problems which I was dealing was backups and space.

I wanted professional looking email address for my business. Something like name@businessname.com i.e since I run service based business named Incfo, I wanted my Email Id to be looked like subratomukerrjee@incfo.in

According to my research the email address with the business domain helps not only in increasing the trust among the customers or clients and also builds up the good brand image of your business and that too having the same Gmail Experience!

So, How To Get Email With Domain Name?

Here comes the G suite.  G Suite formerly known as Google Apps is a cloud platform to handle business emails, video conferencing, file sharing and more.

Main Features of G Suite

  • Shared Calendars – With Shared calendars you can schedule meetings among employees using email invites. Even with the help of video conferencing you can easily coordinate with your staff. Review your team work by sharing your screen to them which help you to make your decision faster. Suppose you want to discuss about marketing agenda with your team with the help google calendar you can easily set the date, time and place and also when that day comes you will notified by the calendar!
Gsuite shared calendar example
Gsuite Shared Calendar For Small Business
  • Edit And Share – You can invite all your team members to edit on google docs, spreadsheets, slides and so on for effective discussions. Not only team members you can invite other people outside of your business by just adding email address. Your team can give their point view through comments and edits are saved automatically! no need to click the save button every time.
  • Secure Cloud Storage – Each G Suite user can store up to 30 GB of content for free and this storage is shared between Google Docs, Google Photos and Google Drive. If you run out of the space then you have two options either to free up the used storage space or you have to take G Suite Business Plans only if you have 5 or more users. Usually G suite for small business, 30 GB is enough, where you can easily share your stored files with others by inviting them no need of email attachment!

Bonus Features Which I Loved While Using G Suite

  • Google Doc’s Explore – Select Tools from the top menu of Google Doc. Then select Explore Option.  Using this feature you can easily search on the google without opening new tab on the browser. You can easily add the link and with anchor text. Add the image with drag and drop. Simply type the required keyword which you want to search for.

How Much G Suite Cost ?

G Suite pricing comes with 3 plans that is Basic, Business And Enterprise.

First let’s look on G Suite Basic Plan – ₹150 with Free Trail

This Basic Plan includes 30 GB cloud Storage. Get Business Email with your Company Name (you@company name). Group email alias such as sales@company.com or support@company.com are included but they are not counted as individual users. Get Video Conferencing and connect up-to 25 people by sharing link among your team members. Secure team messaging for easier collaboration. Get shareable calendars for effective scheduling. Share documents, presentations, spreadsheets among the team members in real time with 24/7 support.

Suitable For:

If you are in small business having team members between 1 – 10 then, this G Suite Basic Plan is for you. And if your requirement of the business doesn’t require much of the storage i.e 30 GB Cloud storage is enough then this plan is for you.

G Suite Enterprise Plan – ₹600/month

G Suite Enterprise Plan includes Unlimited Cloud Storage and 1 TB per if users are less than 5 along with all the Basic Plans Features. Since it is an enterprise plan definitely are some extra features like if you want app for your business , G Suite provides you built-in templates with drag-n-drop editor, smart search cloud feature which answers relevant questions throughout the day and Centralized Administration Console.

Suitable For:

If you are in med to large business having team members between 20 – 100 then, I would recommend this Enterprise Plan. If your requirement is to have large cloud storage this G Suite Enterprise Plan perfectly fulfill your needs. The features of this plan is aimed at medium to growing enterprises with requires advanced security, better administration & management.

Heres the good news to all of you who wish to get this wonderful Gmail for your business

Click in the link to Get 20% off when you enter the promo code for any of the plans mentioned above and enjoy using Gmail for Business.


What’s More, G Suite Add Ons For Business

G Suite Add Ons are the third party tools are needed to install to give extra functionality and templates.

With the help of  G Suite Add Ons you can easily increase the productivity and management of your overall business.

There are many Add Ons which you can use from the G Suite Marketplace.

  • To find the Add Ons  Select next to your profile.
  • Select More from G Suite Marketplace
  • Select the Appropriate Add Ons according to the Categories

Final Review

G Suite is best for small business who is focused on doing simple things and wants a fairly robust tool without “premium tag” attached to it. G Suite can be difficult to be used if you want to do calculation stuffs. Like for example Since my business deals with giving financial services to our clients many of my staffs who are accountants prefer to use Microsoft Excel rather than G suite spreadsheets. But G Suite Email can be the best investment for your company because it effectively deals with the unwanted emails and it solves the problem of going in “Promotions tab”.

Still Thinking whether G Suite for best suited for your business or not?

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Subrato Mukherjee

I am Professional CA with experience of more than 10+ years. My aim is to help startups and companies to help in various financial needs which is needed to expand the business.

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Subrato Mukherjee

I am Professional CA with experience of more than 10+ years. My aim is to help startups and companies to help in various financial needs which is needed to expand the business.