When it comes to online business, having an efficient payment gateway is a very important part as most of your customers will be paying you online and no one wants the hassle of adding beneficiary in the bank.

So I needed a Payment gateway based on the needs of my business. Since I run a service based company and there is no physical product to place, it becomes all the more mandatory to have a robust solution to my needs.

According to my business I wanted payment gateway which has following features:

  • Payment Gateway with Zero Setup Fee.
  • Payment Gateway with Less Maintenance Fee.
  • Hassle free transfer of payments with support of all payment modes.
  • Affordable Service Fee.
  • Interactive Interface to resolve disputes.
  • Insights on how to grow my business.
  • An Amazing Customer Service.

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Then, I started researching for online payment gateway in India which can solve my problem.

I found Popular Payment gateways in India which is:

  1. CCAvenue

Things I liked about CCAvenue:

  • It support Multiple currencies i.e you can accept payments not only in INR but also USD, Euro etc.
  • It support various payment options including wallets.

Things I didn’t liked:

  • Annual Maintenance Fee is high i.e 1200Rs/-
  • Compliance takes much time (at least  14 days)

2. PayUMoney

Things I liked about PayUMoney:

  • Available Plugins for OpenCart, WooCommerce/Wordpress, CS-Cart, Presta Shop, Meteor, Magento, Drupal.
  • Support Different Payment options Debit Cards, 50+ banks Netbanking suppport, UPI Payment and Digital Wallets.

Things I didn’t liked:

  •  Doesn’t provide real-time sales tracking and cannot be shared on social media.
  • Little Slow On boarding process.

3. EBS

Things I liked about EBS:

  • International Payment and Credit Card Support.
  • Supports 11 foreign currencies support.

Things I didn’t liked about EBS:

  • Annual Maintenance fees is high i.e 2400/-
  • Doesn’t support mobile payments.

And Yayy! I finally found payment gateway which fulfilled all my above mentioned needs by Instamojo.

Instamojo Payment Gateway Review: How Instamojo Works?

Instamojo is a Bangalore Based Startup which provides free payment gateway service in India.

Instamojo is for the freelancers, bloggers and for small businesses used to collect payments online and for selling digital products like ebooks, music, software etc directly to your customer by sharing link.

Trust Me, You Just have to complete simple 2 minute onboarding process and start collecting payments. This is a mandatory KYC Process, this will help you to enjoy all the features of Instamojo.

Following are the step by step procedure:

  1. Sign Up as Business or Sign Up using Google or Facebook
Instamojo Review Sign Up Screen
Instamojo Sign Up Screen

2. Verify Your Mobile Number and Verify the OTP

Instamojo Review Mobile No Verify Screen
Instamojo Mobile No Verify Screen

3. Select Type Of Your Business

Select Type Of Business
Select Type Of Business Screen

3. Enter The Mandatory Government Details

Instamojo Review Government Details
Instamojo Government Details Screen
  • Enter the Bank Account Details
Instamojo Review Bank Account Details Screen
Instamojo Bank Account Details Screen
  • DONE!
Instamojo Review Dashboard Screen
Instamojo Dashboard Screen

How To Create Online Payment Link In Instamojo

Since I run service based business I need payment link to collect payments from my customer. Using Instamojo I can handle payments from my customers not only efficiently but also in a very minimum time because I have to just create payment link which takes hardly 2 minutes.

Creating Payment Link means you are creating payment link for others to pay you. It can be your customers or friends or family.

I personally liked an amazing feature of Instamojo that it allows you to share the payment link via various social medias like Facebook, Email, SMS etc.

For every successful transaction, every seller is charged 2 per cent of the transaction value.

  1. Login to your Dashboard and click on Create Payment Link
Create Instamojo Payment Link Screen
Create Instamojo Payment Link Screen

2. Enter the Purpose Of Payment And Amount

Instamojo Payment Link Creation Name And Amount Details
Instamojo Payment Link Creation Name And Amount Details

3. Once you click on Create, you will see page having options for sharing it via Whatsapp, Email/SMS,           using as a Pay Button on website and QR Code.

Instamojo Payment Link Preview Screen
Instamojo Payment Link Preview Screen

4. If you want to customize the Payment Link Click on the Smart Link Option

Instamojo Review Smart Link Option
Instamojo Customize Link Details Screen

5. Once you click on the Customize Button, you will see page with various options to add image, color, ask customer shipping address or for GST details and after payment options like adding thank you note or redirecting customer to the website.

Instamojo Updating Payment Link Options Detail Screen
Instamojo Updating Payment Link Options Details Screen

6. Click On Done.

Why You Should Use Instamojo For Online Business?

Since I run service based business, Instamojo solved by biggest problem of collecting and receiving payments from my customer.

Every Online Business like blogging, freelancing or digital stores require good payment gateway which 99% accurate transactions which instamojo gives.

Instamojo add-ons can help you to grow your business while some are free and some are payed.

Instamojo Review Addons Screen
Instamojo Addons Screen

Large Enterprises can utilize these add-ons to get more insights into the business which can help them to grow their grow their business online.

Final Words For Instamojo Review:

I am personally using Instamojo since a year, I am very happy and satisfied from their service. And honestly I have researched a lot about other payment gateways, if you use other payment gateways you will be charged more and some payment gateways have high maintenance fees which I think not worth paying if you are just starting your business or having a small business.

Instamojo is good for small businesses like bloggers, freelancers or someone who wants to sell digital goods like ebooks, music etc.

If you are still unsure whether Instamojo is right for your business Get Started For Free.

So Go Ahead Give it a Try

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Subrato Mukherjee

I am Professional CA with experience of more than 10+ years. My aim is to help startups and companies to help in various financial needs which is needed to expand the business.

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Subrato Mukherjee

I am Professional CA with experience of more than 10+ years. My aim is to help startups and companies to help in various financial needs which is needed to expand the business.